The slot game is changing

Although playing slots is also fun, the main goal of playing is still winning and this aspect of online gaming seems to get more interesting these days. While jackpots used to be set to a certain amount of money, the increase of the so-called progressive jackpot changes the game. Literally, because last week in the United Kingdom a jackpot of almost 4 million pounds (over 4 million euro) was paid out for Mega Fortune.

Raising the bargain on jackpots

While playing at a physical casino has led to many big winds, it took a while before online gaming raised the bargain. Especially for slot games most jackpots were set and winning would let to a maximum of 20 to 80.000 euro. Still a lot of money, but nothing compared to some of the prizes that we’re seeing now. Besides raising the bargain on the jackpot, playing seems to become even more accessible with a casino bonus zonder storting for example, or other free spins and promotions. So, how are casino operators able to offer these terms?

A casino bonus zonder storting to attract more players

While our online world has been growing immensely in the last ten years, so did the gaming industry. A Gameboy used to be the only tool to play with and nowadays the internet is filled with online casino games: a perfect combination of a physical casino and gaming online. People love to play online and therefore the market is big. We think this is the main reason that such huge amounts of money can be paid out now.

How do you win the progressive jackpot on a slot game?

Although some people prefer to play the old fashioned way for a fixed jackpot, I think everybody would love to win a progressive jackpot. With a bonus zonder storting you can start to try out slots with this modern jackpot although you won’t be able to win if like this. Some slots with a modern jackpot are Hall of Gods, Mega Moolah, and Mega Fortuna. The last one recently resulted in the highest jackpot in history ad as far as we know.

Normal slots VS progressive slots

The problem with a progressive jackpot is thought, that you don’t have the slightest idea when it will fall. Playing a ‘normal’ slot, you know that it needs to fall every now and then, but with a progressive slot the money just piles up or it doesn’t. You might win an hour after the jackpot has fallen and end up with just a couple of bucks: it’s totally random and there’s no tactic or rule you can follow to increase your chances of winning the jackpot. That’s why we understand that not everybody loves this new jackpot.

Online casinos become player minded

However, seeing the latest development in jackpots, but also a casino bonus zonder storting for example, it’s obvious the online gaming world keeps searching for solutions to become more appealing. Whether we make use of the new developments or not, we encourage the casinos in becoming more player minded and in optimizing our user experience!

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beste online casinos with Starburst Online Casino Slot Machine

This is probably NetEnt’s biggest success within the active years of their software developments in online gambling. Starburst has become one of the most popular online slot machine games, which is very surprising since the game play is very easy and simple. It is playable for every audience, whether you are an experienced player or just a beginner; Starburst is accessible for everyone! Starburst can be played at almost every platform, including the beste online casinos. Would you like to know why Starburst has become so popular over the years? Read the review below and find out.

Starburst Design

The design of Starburst is beautiful and very futuristic. The theme is based on some kind of galaxy, including different kind of stars and special light effect. The music is also adjusted to the theme, which you can definitely notice while playing the game. Starburst reminds you of a mysterious scenario by using different spacy and shiny symbol effects. This slot machine is very colourful and the game looks very professional, which we already expected from a game provider like NetEnt. They will not disappoint you by keeping the game interesting during the whole gameplay!

Starburst Bet Range

Starburst is an online video slot machine which contains 5 rolls and 10 lines. There are 3 free spins available before actual playing the game. The bonus game consist out of Starburst Wilds & Free spins. At beste online casinos it’s possible to increase your amount of free spins even more. Just visit the website of beste online casinos and just select the Starburst free spin deal. You can win up to 50.000, which is a nice amount to add to your bank account. This game offers a variety of high and low bets, based on the player’s preferences. If you are only willing to bet with only small amounts, this game can offer you everything you are looking in a slot machine.

Why Starburst

The design is pretty, fun and the game is very easy to play. The symbols that have been used are very well developed and the payout range of Starburst is also variable. If you are looking for a game where you can play for hours without even noticing it, Starburst will be the best choice for you. Get lost in the cosmic world and let yourself be surrounded by bright stars, amazing jewelry and an exciting tune.

Overview of the Casino Slots Game

Starburst has became a big hit in different countries all over the world and we could definitely understand that. Even though this game is simple, it can be so much at the same time. No difficult features and no hard game play; we just like the simplicity of this adventurous game! It’s no surprise that de beste online casinos has nominated the Starburst slot machine for best online slot machine of this year! Would you like to know what this fuss is all about? Just try out this game and start with a low bet in order to practice a little bit. After that you can start with a higher betting and become a professional in no time!

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South Park Reel Chaos Internet Casino Slots

This is the follow-up game of the very fun, very successful slot game South Park. Like its predecessor which is still enjoying tremendous success in some of the best online casinos like Unibet Casino and Superlenny Casino, this newer slot game is also enjoying the spotlight of fame and fun. Most would ask what the difference between South Park slot game and Reel Chaos slot game was. Apart from the second one having a longer, more annoying name, the two slots are quite different. Let us take a closer look at the newer game; Reel Chaos below.

The South Park Reel Chaos Design

Get to experience the South Park boys in a whole new way. In this game, Reel Chaos, Cartman, Stan, Kyle and Kenny get to come back with a boom. This game is designed to favour entertainment over risk, so maybe the name is fitting after all. Before you play, therefore, make sure it is the right game for you by checking out some short facts about it below.

South Park Reel Chaos Bet Range

The game features five reels and 20 paylines. The slot volatility is low, but some may range it at medium. The house edge for this game is 3.2 percent. The maximum win a player can make is 121,250 coins, with the minimum bet being £0.20 and the maximum bet being £100. This is all subject to a coin value that should be chosen between 0.01 and 0.5. There are casino free spins no deposit offers that come with up to 4x multiplier features, and the bonus round is equally great. If you are from Holland then it would be a good idea to visit the casino bonus zonder storting website to find great casino bonus offers for the South Park Reel Chaos slot machine or as they say in Holland gokkasten.

Why Play South Park Reel Chaos

The graphics in South Park are way better that the graphics in Reel Chaos, so why should you play a lesser game? It might be lesser in design, but the first game is not half as much fun as the second one. The thing is, South Park was rated very highly by players – we are talking a number so high that it is virtually impossible to beat, let alone reach. The original game was perfection, and although it has been done, reaching perfection level twice in a row is not an easy fit. South Park Reel Chaos is not a mid-variance slot machine game as South Park was, so in as much as they come from the same place, we are talking about two very different games here, not just concerning the theme and design, but also regarding your wallet. Reel Chaos might be a lot kinder to your wallet.

The truth is that this game does not have the feel of South Park. The first games had the jokes and the gags, the second game is simply just plain, mostly talking about the adventure of two 9-year-old boys as they fight a heroic war.

South Park Reel Chaos Symbols

The symbols are a lot similar to those found in South Park; wild icons, multipliers, as well as scatter symbols to enhance further your chances of winning.

Overview of the Casino Slots Game

South Park Reel Chaos is a great game for you if you barely love the show, South Park because against the better judgment of Netent, they completely transformed the entire setting of the original show.

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South Park Casino Slots Game

South Park is an all-time top slot machine in online casinos. Have fun with the witty Eric Cartman, Stanley, the Jewish kid Kyle, and Kenny who no one ever seems to understand what he is saying. If you have watched South Park, then you will instantly relate to this slot game for it’s fun, simple but surprisingly catchy graphics, and its capability to make you money. The selection of games is what makes an online casino live or die. Look at the likes of Royal Panda Casino and CasinoRoom Casino. These two casinos, among many other successful online casinos, feature top quality slot games in their slot machine portfolio- top quality games like South Park. The cartoon based game has a lot to offer you as a slot machine player, here is why:

The South Park Slots Design

The game is based on a popular television show; therefore, all of its graphics are borrowed from that show. It is played on five reels and 25 paylines. It is popular because it makes use of adult themed surreal humour that instantly related to most players. Get to enjoy the adventures of the South Park kids without even moving a muscle (maybe you will move a muscle or two, but that is as far as you will go).

South Park Casino Slots Bet Range

The game is available for both play money and betting on real money. In real money betting, the maximum payout you can take home is 90,000 coins. The base game will give you a chance to win a 1000 coin jackpot. The maximum bet you can place as a player is £500, a very good attraction for high rollers, but South Park also provides some room for the low rollers.

Why Play South Park Casino Slots

You play South Park anytime you need some comic relief. The humour here is amazing, but if not for that, then you should play South Park for the bonus feature it offers to players. There is also three mini-features available for players to make more money on their real money bets.

If you do not like real money gambling, then this slot game machine still offers you a chance to enjoy the fun using free spins no deposit uk offers.

South Park Symbols

There is the standard wild symbol that can replace any other standard symbols on the reels. The game features scatter icons, multiple bonus icons, and standard bonus icons. The scatter icons include icons of Kenny, Kyle, Cartman, and Stan. All these icons trigger different bonuses.

South Park Game Settings

Being a Netent game, you should expect a customizable setting, an auto play feature, and an option to choose your paylines and your coin values.

Overview of the Casino Game

The ‘adults only’ theme that this slot embraces is somehow funny. Having been licensed from Comedy Central TV Network, South Park relates to many players, at least those who watch the show on TV. This slot is partly about unwinding- having the most fun in the least amount of time. All slot games are about making money, and casinos were built on this very principle. But it reaches a point where you need to know you had fun, even if you lose in the end. This game brings that something more to the table.

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Simsalabim Casino Slot Machine

We never get to go on real life quests anymore. We never get to experience the true power of magic anymore; but with this game, you can get to do all that, even if it is just virtually. Go to any reputable online casino; the likes of Leo Vegas Casino and Gossip Slots Casino and you will find this game on their slot machines. That is how popular it is, despite the odd but very satisfying name to pronounce. Simsalabim, a magic word rarely used by magicians, is a game that allows you to have fun and take home huge winnings at the end of the day. You just need to have the right tricks under your hat.

The Simsalabim Slot Design

You will be taken into a world of magical tricks and get to experience it first-hand. Simsalabim is a game for the imaginative as everything, from its look all the way to the feel, is a stretch. Although it is a good kind of a stretch, the kind that tests you in a positive way. Apart from this, Simsalabim has 25 paylines.

Simsalabim Casino Slot Machine Bet Range

The betting range of this game considers players with all pocket sizes. From as little as 25 p to as high as £250, you can comfortably place your bet on this slot game and make a little more money from it.

Why Play Simsalabim Casino Game

Simsalabim is played simply for the thrill. There are great prizes to be won in this game, but the fun outdoes even the list of the jackpot. Simsalabim is an easy game. This might be its best attribute yet. Most games reach so far into history or fantasy for their stories that they end up becoming confusing. Simsalabim is simple and relatable. You will get up to 30 free spins depending on how many scatter symbols you get on your reels, and with these free spins, you can make a difference in the outcome of the game.

Simsalabim Slot Symbols

This game is magical-based that you will see hats, rabbits coming out of these hats, and a lot of other things that will simply materialize out of thin air. There are scatter symbols that will give you free spins if acquired, a multiplier feature that will increase your winnings, and a bonus game that allows you to win more payouts.

Simsalabim Game Settings

NetEnt provides the auto play feature that allows you to play up to 1000 of your spins automatically on your computer. The game also has customizable settings so you can be able to set the fast spin, the sound, the game history, and the ambiance sound to your exact preferences.

Overview of the Game

Simsalabim is amazing for both the high rollers and the regular players looking to make a little extra fortune. If played right, this game can end up giving you a bigger payday than you expected. The name is a little peculiar, like something you would hear in a Catholic prayer mass, or in the hook of a really bad song, but the game is amazing.

It might not be one of those games that leave you with a sense of accomplishment at the end, but having given multiple chances to make money, Simsalabim will have made you richer, and that is enough.

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Silent Run Casino Slot Machine

It is a question you hear players ask all the time; “what is so special about Netent slot games anyway?” Well, apart from the instant play browser based games, terrific designs and themes, the high quality, the interesting storylines, the diversity, the challenging quests, and the general authentic feel of the Netent games, there is nothing special about the games produced by this company. They are your regular relatable games, only instead of the same old same old, Netent games go all in with; from the theme to the payout rates, everything is meant to impress. All this points to Silent Run being a true Netent game. You will find this game in top online casinos like Mr. Green casino and Drake Casino. Here is a little more you should know about the game.

The Silent Run Design

This game will attract the interest of anyone who loves the theme of World War II war films. The game features submarines and killer battle at sea that will blow you away. Everyone appreciates the thrill of blowing up enemy ships by firing torpedoes at these ships when they are in the bonus mode of the game. Silent Run allows you to do exactly that. The game runs perfectly, and the graphics are well related to the theme and storyline of the game.

If you are into the creepy appeal of ancient submarines and other war accessories, then this is the game for you. Once again, the design on these is simply epic.

The Silent Run Bet Range

This game is a 25 payline video slot that is addictive due to its greatly unique design. Silent Run has three lines and five reels. The game is suitable for both the players who just want to have some fun with a little money and for the high rollers who want to go all in and bet high amounts of money on the game. The intermediate rollers are also welcome.

Why Play Silent Run

Play this game for the money, but also do it for the thrill of blowing up stuff without having to get blown up yourself. This game is for the followers of the events during the World War II, although beginners can also have fun at it.

The game also functions nicely on mobile devices (including but not limited to Android and iOS devices). The slot simply has a beautiful look and smooth functionality. There is nothing more to be said there.

Silent Run Symbols

You have your battleship, torpedoes, mines, submarine, and depth charges. These five symbols are higher counting than the rest. The lower counting symbols are represented by the letters Q, K, A, J, and the number 10.

The wild symbol is represented by some warning light, red in colour. There is also an echo bonus symbol, a sonar wild symbol, and although there are no free spins on this game, these symbols should help you win plenty of coins. The sonar wild symbol serves the purpose of revealing other hidden wild symbols so you can retrieve them and further increase the chances you have of winning. These other wild symbols are usually hidden across columns and reels.

Silent Run Game Settings

The settings of most Netent games also apply to this game. The setting can be customized to meet personal preferences, and a player can choose their coin value you as well as the number of plays to bet upon.

Overview of the Slient Run Casino Game

The game Silent Run is an absolute must play for all Netent slot game lovers. Get to fight in a real war and release all of that energy in you with this epic slot game, and while you are at I, you might just get a chance to make yourself some money. Therefore, Silent Run will remain one of the best slot games that gives the player the ability to relate to so much in this world.

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