Silent Run Casino Slot Machine

It is a question you hear players ask all the time; “what is so special about Netent slot games anyway?” Well, apart from the instant play browser based games, terrific designs and themes, the high quality, the interesting storylines, the diversity, the challenging quests, and the general authentic feel of the Netent games, there is nothing special about the games produced by this company. They are your regular relatable games, only instead of the same old same old, Netent games go all in with; from the theme to the payout rates, everything is meant to impress. All this points to Silent Run being a true Netent game. You will find this game in top online casinos like Mr. Green casino and Drake Casino. Here is a little more you should know about the game.

The Silent Run Design

This game will attract the interest of anyone who loves the theme of World War II war films. The game features submarines and killer battle at sea that will blow you away. Everyone appreciates the thrill of blowing up enemy ships by firing torpedoes at these ships when they are in the bonus mode of the game. Silent Run allows you to do exactly that. The game runs perfectly, and the graphics are well related to the theme and storyline of the game.

If you are into the creepy appeal of ancient submarines and other war accessories, then this is the game for you. Once again, the design on these is simply epic.

The Silent Run Bet Range

This game is a 25 payline video slot that is addictive due to its greatly unique design. Silent Run has three lines and five reels. The game is suitable for both the players who just want to have some fun with a little money and for the high rollers who want to go all in and bet high amounts of money on the game. The intermediate rollers are also welcome.

Why Play Silent Run

Play this game for the money, but also do it for the thrill of blowing up stuff without having to get blown up yourself. This game is for the followers of the events during the World War II, although beginners can also have fun at it.

The game also functions nicely on mobile devices (including but not limited to Android and iOS devices). The slot simply has a beautiful look and smooth functionality. There is nothing more to be said there.

Silent Run Symbols

You have your battleship, torpedoes, mines, submarine, and depth charges. These five symbols are higher counting than the rest. The lower counting symbols are represented by the letters Q, K, A, J, and the number 10.

The wild symbol is represented by some warning light, red in colour. There is also an echo bonus symbol, a sonar wild symbol, and although there are no free spins on this game, these symbols should help you win plenty of coins. The sonar wild symbol serves the purpose of revealing other hidden wild symbols so you can retrieve them and further increase the chances you have of winning. These other wild symbols are usually hidden across columns and reels.

Silent Run Game Settings

The settings of most Netent games also apply to this game. The setting can be customized to meet personal preferences, and a player can choose their coin value you as well as the number of plays to bet upon.

Overview of the Slient Run Casino Game

The game Silent Run is an absolute must play for all Netent slot game lovers. Get to fight in a real war and release all of that energy in you with this epic slot game, and while you are at I, you might just get a chance to make yourself some money. Therefore, Silent Run will remain one of the best slot games that gives the player the ability to relate to so much in this world.

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