The slot game is changing

Although playing slots is also fun, the main goal of playing is still winning and this aspect of online gaming seems to get more interesting these days. While jackpots used to be set to a certain amount of money, the increase of the so-called progressive jackpot changes the game. Literally, because last week in the United Kingdom a jackpot of almost 4 million pounds (over 4 million euro) was paid out for Mega Fortune.

Raising the bargain on jackpots

While playing at a physical casino has led to many big winds, it took a while before online gaming raised the bargain. Especially for slot games most jackpots were set and winning would let to a maximum of 20 to 80.000 euro. Still a lot of money, but nothing compared to some of the prizes that we’re seeing now. Besides raising the bargain on the jackpot, playing seems to become even more accessible with a casino bonus zonder storting for example, or other free spins and promotions. So, how are casino operators able to offer these terms?

A casino bonus zonder storting to attract more players

While our online world has been growing immensely in the last ten years, so did the gaming industry. A Gameboy used to be the only tool to play with and nowadays the internet is filled with online casino games: a perfect combination of a physical casino and gaming online. People love to play online and therefore the market is big. We think this is the main reason that such huge amounts of money can be paid out now.

How do you win the progressive jackpot on a slot game?

Although some people prefer to play the old fashioned way for a fixed jackpot, I think everybody would love to win a progressive jackpot. With a bonus zonder storting you can start to try out slots with this modern jackpot although you won’t be able to win if like this. Some slots with a modern jackpot are Hall of Gods, Mega Moolah, and Mega Fortuna. The last one recently resulted in the highest jackpot in history ad as far as we know.

Normal slots VS progressive slots

The problem with a progressive jackpot is thought, that you don’t have the slightest idea when it will fall. Playing a ‘normal’ slot, you know that it needs to fall every now and then, but with a progressive slot the money just piles up or it doesn’t. You might win an hour after the jackpot has fallen and end up with just a couple of bucks: it’s totally random and there’s no tactic or rule you can follow to increase your chances of winning the jackpot. That’s why we understand that not everybody loves this new jackpot.

Online casinos become player minded

However, seeing the latest development in jackpots, but also a casino bonus zonder storting for example, it’s obvious the online gaming world keeps searching for solutions to become more appealing. Whether we make use of the new developments or not, we encourage the casinos in becoming more player minded and in optimizing our user experience!

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